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Shropshire Drainage Solutions can clear, repair and renovate Shropshire drains with the minimum of cost and disruption. We have available a range of cost conscious solutions to solve your drainage problem.

Why drains need repairing

Drains and sewers may crack or totally collapse due to ground movement, subsidence, tree roots, or corrosion. The result is a structurally defective drain causing repeat blockages or leaks into the surrounding soil.

Effective, cost conscious repair solutions

Whatever the problem, the most appropriate solution can be determined with our drainage survey. This will detect the nature and extent of any structural fault, which will in turn assist the engineer in recommending the most appropriate repair technique.

Problem Solving

Because drains are largely hidden from view, the exact cause and nature of the problem may not be immediately apparent. That's why inspection and diagnosis are crucial features of our Shropshire drainage service. With the passage of time and usage, drains and sewers can deteriorate. After many years of use, drains can suffer as a result of many factors. Sometimes only a visual assessment of the problem will identify the cause.

CCTV Surveys

Internal surveys of drains, pipes, and sewers provide an accurate and cost effective way to detect problems to the source and help establish the most practical remedial options.

Root Removal

The ingress of roots to any drainage system can quickly cause blockages and in some cases major structural damage. Our fully trained technicians are able to remove harmful root ingress avoiding any further damage to your drainage system.


This is normally used to replace structurally defective or collapsed sections of drain, which cannot be repaired using any of the no-dig techniques available.

Patch Lining or Section Lining

May be used where defects are localised in a small area, or where the drain is slightly damaged along its length. The result is a new fibre reinforcing within the damaged section.

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